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Prehabilitation Concepts

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Kris Potts

Mission – To positively impact an individual’s oral health and improve their quality of life with oral care for oncology patients with the concept of prehabilitation as my focus.

Goal – educate consumers, medical and other healthcare providers in prevention, treatment and alternatives for patients.

  • Rethink what products they recommend to patients and why.
  • Offer targeted interventions based on the presentation of an individual’s mouth.
  • Suggest many alternatives currently available to prevent oral issues and provide relief and comfort when they do arise.
  • As a speaker, author and clinical hygienist with over 35 years dental experience, I feel my own journey through cancer as well as a caregiver to others suffering from the oral effects of oncology treatment has led to a deeper understanding of the needs of this particular group of patients.


Kris integrates authentic, relatable experiences into her programs and makes learning entertaining, empowering and elicits reflective thinking. A favorite aspect of speaking and coaching is keeping up with the needs of dental professionals “in the trenches”. Topics can be customized to fit the exact needs of your group from small to large, for the entire team or hygiene specific.


Kris offers information on prehabilitation of oncology patients, risk assessment, xerostomia, xylitol and other dental topics to a cross section of medical, dental offices and consumer, advocacy, support and special interest groups.


Kris is a published author contributing articles to RDH magazine, Dental Products Report, Dentistry IQ, Developing Healthy Habits magazine and contributed a chapter to Volume 5 of Dare to Be a Difference Maker.

Product Research

Not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular product, but always open to useful and proven resources.

Key Opinion Leader

Kris acts as a Key Opinion Leader for several well-known dental companies. She has been interviewed on CrossLink Radio, The Doctor Bob Show and Forever Young Radio.



Having lost several relatives and close friends to cancer and overcoming it herself, Kris’s compassion comes from a place of experience. Having walked through some of the unique challenges that cancer patients face, Kris understands what is needed to provide the best comprehensive care possible.


Kris is an enjoyable speaker and is ready to share with you current, emerging material to assist you in taking your career as a dental oral health professional to the next level.

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